Vacation Project 001 – “Breakout”

I still didn’t made this into a game, but I really wanted to publish it somewhere (and I’ve learned that you should only publish fully complete games on Flash Game Portals). So far, it’s only an idea… more like a prototype…

Last vacation, I tried to code a simple “Breakout” copy. But, for some reason, I stopped working on it at the time. I had the base done: the gameplay somewhat worked and there was a stage creator prototype done. Now, after working on it for a few days, I have made some upgrades to what I had, and it seems much better (gameplay-wise… Graphically, it’s still very simple).

This is what I have so far…

Some instructions about the stage creator:

  • “Single” mode allows you to paint each tile (or lots of tiles, if you click-and-hold then move the mouse across the grid);
  • “Line” mode allows you to paint a line selecting the first and last tile of the line… There are some annoying bugs in this mode;
  • “Fill” mode allows you to fill a region, with a differently colored bound, with a certain color.

About the game in itself:

  • To release the ball from the paddle just click with the mouse;
  • The paddle follows the mouse;
  • The paddle’s velocity is added to the ball velocity (this can be trick to control… or not… I don’t, after so much debugging it simply works for me… xD).
  • I don’t normally make such large games…I didn’t think it would break the blog’s layout… Perhaps, this can be solved with another theme, but…

Click on “Continue reading” to play.


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