Vacation Project 002 – Shooter

So, since the last post I’ve stopped working on the “breakout” and restart developing a shooter.

I had once tried to make a shooter… twice, actually. One time I coded in C with SDL and then I switched to Action Script 3 and used Flixel. From the moment when I learned about Flixel I’ve been almost only making Flash stuff… though just a few things were ever completed.

As most of my recent in development stuff, this shooter still doesn’t have much actual graphics… only Some rectangles and squares. I find it much easier to just think about the game and afterwards deal with drawing everything. That’s an faster way to prototype something, when working alone, specially if you aren’t a skilled (or creative, for the matter) drawer.

Even so, I’ve alredy make two phrases for the first stage’s song. Though, nowadays, I don’t sketch a lot, every time I take a break from coding I’ve been playing either the guitar or the keyboard.

I’ve uploaded the first stage… or almost all of it. I’ve still got to make a boss (and perhaps a mid-boss) and I also want to add one more wave of enemies. I also didn’t programmed any player, so anything that would be targeted at the player will aim at the mouse. You can’t really die, but the screen will flash red if you’re hit. Also, you can press the left mouse button to shoot at enemies. The score will be displayed after the last wave.

Click on “Continue reading” to play.


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