Shooter – Update

I figured a good way to spend some time without coding would be to actually try to draw something… and I was getting bored of seeing only plain/boring stuff.

After a lot of struggle I was able to draw something… Though the dimensions weren’t right… I would have to either keep the enemy small (something that I didn’t quite want) or to enlarge the game screen. So, on to resize the game!

Then, I noticed that enemies died but you didn’t realy have response… It would just “pop”. That seemed like work for particles! After some time, I was able to make things explode (not quite pretty yet, but, hey!, it’s a start).

The game got so much better with only those two “small” steps.

The only thing left was to add a boss. Even though it isn’t really dificult to code (since I have all those classes and stuff), I lacked some creativity to do that… I’m still not quite sure if I liked all the patterns, but they aren’t to hard nor to easy… I hope. xD

Click on “Continue reading” to play.


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