Shooter – Stage 02

New stage finished! And I also made some improvements to the boss battle.

Second boss's second spell

There’s a time limit to defeat each of the boss patterns (I’ll call those “spells” from now on, since that’s how it’s called in a game I really like). If you fail to do so, you will advance to the next spell but won’t earn any score. Since I hadn’t implemented anything to show that, the time limit existence wasn’t even clear. But now I added a timer so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

In this new stage I introduced a new kind of enemy: slimes! No game is complete without those weak foes to be defeated… Though it only appears late in the game (well, it would normally be the first enemy… xD) and have some complex pattern (for slimes)… I won’t try to make any logic from my game… xD

Everything else is still the same: move and shoot with the mouse, kill baddies, avoid being hit by anything and score the highest you can. You have unlimited lives, but the screen flashs red when you’re hit and you lose some points.

Click on “Continue reading” to play.


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