New “prototype”: EVO – X

Game's title screen

There’s an online event about making game in 48h, called Ludum Dare. Well, the latest one took place last weekend and, once again, I participated. That means, there should be a new game to post here. =D Turns out it’s not quite like that…

You see, though I made something, it’s far from complete… Comments on the event site pointed out many flaws of my game, so I may be able to turn it into something good… I hope. xD Think about this as only a “prototype”.

During the next weeks, I’ll do two things:

  • Turn this into something really playable (though I won’t add much content);
  • Finish the goddamn shooter. Really, I should had done this before this LD…

That’s it for now!

Play it here!


Shooter – Stage 03

Finally finished the game! I mean, the stages of the game… There are still some things that must be done. Like the background, the player, the boss battle songs… Well, I can (probably) make it in time!

This time,  I added the third (and last) stage as well as it’s Boss. Perhaps I upped the difficulty too much…  But I’m sure it can be finished.

Click on “Continue reading” to play.

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