Loneliness – My First Experimental Game

Before I start talking about that game, just a note: I’m finally adding a page with every game I’ve already made, be it a prototype, a buggy (or incomplete) game or a finished game.

Even though I said that I finished my first game ever only some time ago, that’s not completely true… I’ve already took part of Ludum Dare three times, two of those I made platformers and on time I made a… well, a weird game. Later, I polished it up a bit and called it complete… well, it has all the features I wanted (if this is a good thing or not, I’m not quite sure). The link is at the end of this post.

On my first LD, the theme was “Alone”. I remeber jolting some things on a paper, but one idea picked my attention. I imagined a game which you play as something that is alone and, for that reason, must gather other (I’ll refer those as ‘friends’)… so you won’t fell alone anymore. But there are those bad guys (enemies) that try to take away all those close to you, making you fell alone again. Putting it this way, it seens like a stupid game, but what I really liked about that ideia is: you know how many friends you have by the colors you see the world with!

Since it was done in 48 hours, it didn’t get to complex. The friends are actually red, green or blue balls. The player is a cat (the only thing I could come up with AND draw in the alloted time) that change color and expression as it gets less lonely. The enemies is that same cat sprite, but red and with a angry face. You move with the mouse and start playing in a color-less world. As you gather friends, the ratio of the amount of a certain colored friend that you gathered over the total of those on the screen sets how visible that color is. What this mean is: if you get many blue balls, you will see all blue colors, but no red and green; if you get many green and red, you will be able to see green, red and yellow colors; etc.

I felt that the game would be… I don’t know, I decided that when your ‘mood’ (how much “not alone” you are) was maxed you would be able to shoot at the enemies. But since you use the mouse to move and to aim, it can get kinda weird (if you didn’t play thousands of times… like I played during the development… that’s why I didn’t notice it was weird xD).

The first version didn’t work at all as I expected. The color-changing scheme made the screen too dark, things were only spawning on the upper-left corner, your mood wouldn’t decrease unless you were hit… there were those kind of bug. After the compo, though, I spent some time polishing it up and now it really is the way I wanted it to be.

Click here to play, at Kongregate.


Laser dude vs His enemies

Laser dude vs His enemies main menuOk… A little late, but, at least, here is the final version of the game I’d been posting about. (I actually finished it 3 weeks ago =X)

I wrote the instructions in the game page, so just go there and play. =D

Play it here!