ColorRunner is out!

Phew! A month ( and twelve days) later, I’m really happy to say that my latest game is out! And what’s more, it’s featured by MochiMedia! After so many tries, at least once I’ve made it the right way… xD

Sometime later this (next) week I intent to write a post about this game’s development… Now I just want to get some rest and rejoice what I was finally able to do. For now, just play it here:


Click on the image to play it!

I was to include some special thanks in the game, but, since I didn’t find it fitting, I will just say this here:

First and foremost, I must thank my parents. Really! They were always supportive to my following my dreams and never pressured me asking for updates… If not for them, I would probably have forfeit this a long time ago…

I also ought to thank my friends, for playing it sometimes and ignoring when I decided to vanish from the outer world (lol) to focus on the game.

But some even more special thanks are due. If a friend of mine hadn’t look after this game since it’s inception, and hadn’t played it’s many versions (most of them barely playable) this game wouldn’t be ever even close to completition… Really, thanks Raarlac (though I doubt you read this blog… xD).


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