Dragon Rush – March #1GAME

Finally, the last update that had to be done! Here it is, “Dragon Rush”, my march One Game a Month.

In game screenshot

Click on the image to play!

This time, since the (optional) theme was “Rogue”, I made a auto-runner. I mean… I tried to do a Roguelike game, but after working on the dungeon generator for a while and starting to code the AI I got tired of that game and started a new one. Since I had only worked on the Roguelike for three days, I didn’t find it hard to ditch it.

I wanted to add many features (like power ups, flying, win condition, etc) but, due to time constraint I had to stick to the bare basics. I made sure to implement slopes (at last!), attacking, jumping, combo system and high score system. There’s also a pretty dumb AI, so let’s ignore it. xDSomeday I may write about the development… probably not. xD


Save the Princess(?) – LD25 game

Tomorrow is finally Ludum Dare again! And I still haven’t posted my last LD game here. Oh, well… time to fix that!


This time, the theme was “You are the villain”, so I decided to make a game about saving the princess… you know, so you can be villainous… It make sense in the game! Though gameplay is terrible, the story should explain the previous statement.

Play it here!

Intergalactic Fighter – February #1GAM

Okay, I’ve already tried to write this many times. Each time, I gave up because I wrote more than needed. This time, I’ll try to keep it simple (stupid)… though I doubt I’ll manage. xD

So… After releasing Color Runner on february 20th I had to be quick with the next game.Since I had until march 4th, I decided to make something I’m used to… a Shooter. Long story short, this is my february: Integalactic Fighter.

Intergalactic Fighter icon

Click on the image to play

The game was finally announced in my blog. With that taken care of, keep reading for the rant about what I dislike about this game. (I really don’t advice you to do so)

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