Intergalactic Fighter – February #1GAM

Okay, I’ve already tried to write this many times. Each time, I gave up because I wrote more than needed. This time, I’ll try to keep it simple (stupid)… though I doubt I’ll manage. xD

So… After releasing Color Runner on february 20th I had to be quick with the next game.Since I had until march 4th, I decided to make something I’m used to… a Shooter. Long story short, this is my february: Integalactic Fighter.

Intergalactic Fighter icon

Click on the image to play

The game was finally announced in my blog. With that taken care of, keep reading for the rant about what I dislike about this game. (I really don’t advice you to do so)

Simply put, people didn’t play it as much as Color Runner. Neither did MochiTeam think it was good (that’s my opinion since it received a rating 2/5). Other than that, I don’t quite like this game’s name… and there are some annoying bugs that I couldn’t solve on time. Oh, and the graphics aren’t good (but are nicely disguised with the filter).

I know that there is a big difference between a “one month and a half” game and a “two weeks” game. Color Runner had a well defined concept, borrowed/extended from my Ludum Dare 22 entry (Loneliness). I had a lot of time to create the levels (though I didn’t use this time efficiently… at all). But I tried to shorten the scope of this game so it wouldn’t be impossible. Well, if it weren’t for this decision, I wouldn’t have finished this game…

One of those decisions was really annoying. Instead of giving a “shoot behaviour” for each enemy ship, I made spawners for each type of shoot… what required a form of placement. Instead of using cartesian coordinates for this, I thought polar coordinates would be a better choice. Indeed, they were… but I ran into many problems from conflicts between how I expected things to work and how flixel was working. I was able to work things out… even if I lost some (precious) time in the process.

But how would I connect the spawner to the ship’s sprite? Each of the three spawners have it’s own dimensions, and it wouldn’t be possible to draw some dockable areas (mainly because of the sprite size). So I just left them floating around the ships… which I find really weird.  I’l also say that I didn’t gave much attention to the graphics. I drew some four or five ships, made each have four color swap and that was it. Then, since I didn’t like the look of the game, I added a scanline filter (I went for a “tv-like” feel… =X), which made things look nicer.

For once, at least, I made a nice space-ish song! I think it’s quite fitting for the main menu… but only for that. Since I didn’t had time and only came up with that, I had no choise other than using that song for the role game. I tried searching for a free song… but I can’t let myself use others assets in my game (with the sole exception of the star from the starfield… though I re-colored it).

Another terrible thing I did was to not give the player any instructions. Though there are instructions on the game’s page onMochiMedia,  few read that… and it isn’t really clear. I fixed that on my march game, but I’ll tell about that on another time…

Well, I just can’t bring myself to write anything else. Some other time I may (probably not) complain more about this game. This could be a good game if I gave it more time… but I probably won’t. I don’t have any real reason to not like it,  but any time I think about this game I remember how I just rushed everything to get it done til the deadline. I could be a good game… but since I didn’t even bother trying, it probably never will be.

If you read til here, sorry… and thanks for that =D. I won’t try fixing the text . If I were to do that, I would erase all the text and nothing would be posted. So… I think it’s better to leave things at this.


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