Dragon Rush – March #1GAME

Finally, the last update that had to be done! Here it is, “Dragon Rush”, my march One Game a Month.

In game screenshot

Click on the image to play!

This time, since the (optional) theme was “Rogue”, I made a auto-runner. I mean… I tried to do a Roguelike game, but after working on the dungeon generator for a while and starting to code the AI I got tired of that game and started a new one. Since I had only worked on the Roguelike for three days, I didn’t find it hard to ditch it.

I wanted to add many features (like power ups, flying, win condition, etc) but, due to time constraint I had to stick to the bare basics. I made sure to implement slopes (at last!), attacking, jumping, combo system and high score system. There’s also a pretty dumb AI, so let’s ignore it. xDSomeday I may write about the development… probably not. xD


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