Small update and “trailer”

No big update or new game in this post. I’ve actually haven’t worked in a new game for a while now. Needless to say, I’ve failed to make One Game A Month, since I’ve done nothing for the past two. xD But this will change next month, as there’s a Ludum Dare approaching…

Well, what I really had to say is the following: I sent two of my games (Color Runner and Laser dude vs His enemies) to the “Festival de Jogos Independentes do SBGames 2013” (something like “SBGames 2013 Indie Games Festival”). But, in order to summit the games, I had to make thirty seconds trailers for both of them. So, here they are:

As it can be seen in the Color Runner trailer, now there’s a back story (and introduction animation) and the player has proper graphics. This doesn’t solve this game’s main problem lack of stages. (I could also add to that list boss battle and power ups) Someday I’ll fix that… hopefully. xD