The world is starting to take shape (in my mind)

Since this is the beginning  of the project, I think it’s progressing really… slowly. It usually start fast and only slowdown afterward. Still, I don’t really think this is a problem, since I want to take my time and make this into a great game. (Having a demo ready until the end of the year would be a great plus, though)

I tried to draw some drafts for the map but I’ve yet to make something complete or to my liking. This is my first time drawing a map so it will probably go through a few iterations before I get to anything I’m happy with, anyway… At least, thinking about the map helped me understand better the “reason for the colors”.

Originally, I didn’t explain why the colors vanished, there simply were nine stages to be completed by grabbing coins and enabling platforms (bringing back colors in the process). Later, I added an intro that shows “someone destroying something and removing the colors from the world”. That’s how clear I think the animation is to someone who doesn’t know the game’s “story” (that is, everyone besides me). I’ve been thinking about how to make it clearer that someone stole a source of colors of some kind from a color factory and also what is the meaning behind the colored coins. With those questions in mind, I decided that the first two zones will be a “Color Fuel Zone” and a “Color Factory”. (this seems somewhat stupid when written…) But, again, why are coins the fuel used by that factory?

I set for coins as the only collectible because it’s really common in games, I didn’t care that much about it at first. But now I’ve got another idea. I can change those into “color essence”. This way, I there won’t be restrictions about their sprites (every coin must be an 8×8 sprite, but the essences needn’t be exactly equal to each other; each type can have an different format). Also, since they are “essences”, I can say that “red essence” is extracted from, for example, a red colored lake. This may not seem really useful, but it’s helping me imagine how the world should be.

I’ll try to have something about the game itself to write about, next time (instead of just ideas, again).


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