It took me a while but I finally started to work on the post compo version of “Two Options…”, my LD#28 game. I’m still not sure about how much new content I’m going to add, but I’ll for sure redo a lot of things.

Example of a new filter I'll use.

Example of a new filter I’ll use.

For one, the particles. Some time ago a realized the importance of particles as a mean of feedback. Jumping and switching directions aren’t the same things without puffing some smoke behind/bellow the player. Also, what’s a lava pool without hot droplets jumping from it? And displaying something to enforce a collision is nice… But, except for the lava, every other was poorly made. The worst is the smoke, that isn’t displayed as I imagine (and I couldn’t try to fix it during the compo).

Another thing that is annoying me is the collision/overlap. Since I planned to use only one screen at a time and knew that there would be few entities at any time, I had no troubles calling the Flixel routine for bounding check two or three times per frame. This works, but I prefer to write only one overlap check and add the collision there. Also, I’ll modify how tilemap collision works. Instead of adding callbacks per tile, I’ll create objects for those tiles. This way, even though the ladders will be rendered on the tilemap, when the level is loaded I’ll iterate through the tilemap and create a ladder object (invisible, collide-able only). This will simplify how ladders works and how I can implement walking over ladder. I’ll also be able to only allow death from above on spikes.

And another thing already planned and implemented (though it can cause a few bugs) is to enable multiple resolutions. Each has it’s own overlay, but everyone is based on beveled pixels. That x4 resolution is really pretty, though it doesn’t fit on my monitor. XD

Here’s the current build. Tomorrow morning I should be done with reworking the collision. But I shall only post about it at night, if I do.


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