Finally back to working on the LD#28 post compo

It’s been sometime since I last posted anything. It’d been also a long time since I last touch on any of my games or anything…

One thing that kept me from working on it was the fact that my newer editor wouldn’t work on my previous computer. I made it in a lazy way, so it’s no really optimized (and the optimizations I tried didn’t solve the problem and only made it crash randomly). So, now that I got myself a new computer (and spent sometime playing with it) I was able to use my editor.

There's a lot of unused space there... I'll probably leave those that way

There’s a lot of unused space there… I’ll probably leave those that way

I’ll reuse some of the levels from the compo version, but I’m planning to change many things. I’ll probably take a more literal take on the theme, but less history based… it’s been hard to come up with a way to save those two at the end of the game (which was supposed to be another possible ending).

So far, I modified the level transition. It’s much better now! Also, I’m completely remaking the first levels. After watching a few friends playing my game, I decided that I had to make it start slower, with easier levels (kinda like a tutorial… to a platformer… which sounds really stupid to me, but who knows…). I’m not sure this will work out all right or be fun…

To solve that last problem and try to finally get some meaningful feedback on the game, I’ve made a “demo” with the current levels and a google form with a few questions. Let’s see if people answer it and if it’s useful… I do hope so!

Here’s the current build of the game, and here’s the form.