BIG Festival 2015 – JJAT

It’s been quite a while since my previous post. Before talking about this last Ludum Dare, there something else I gotta write about… I’ll split this into two post, in order not to make a too long one.

First I’ll talk about my latest “non-game-jam” game.

Don't ask what "JJAT" means... it's quite stupid.

Click to go to its download page

Once again, I took part of Global Game Jam. Since I had a few other things to take care of, I couldn’t spend much time making the game. It turned out quite simple; it’s a game about controlling two character and trying to get them to the top of a kind of tower… You can check it out here (but you really shouldn’t… >__<).

So… although that game sucks, I really liked the idea of having two player (or playing along side someone). I decided to try to turn it into a real game. Since I can’t work on games without deadlines, I decided to make something to this year’s BIG Festival.

I’ve been using Dawnbringer’s 32 colors palette for some time, now. When drawing the first mockup, I wasn’t quite able to get the atmosphere I wanted to the game (when using all 32 colors). So, after noticing that there are 8 shades of blue* in the palette, I decided to try to limit the game’s color to those 8, focusing on the shapes. (*some of those colors aren’t really blue, but they got along nicely)

After 2 months, 200 commits and a few fixes to my framework, I finished the game. As usual, it’s quite hard (because, otherwise, there would be no fun).

The game got quite rushed at the end. Looking back at the commit logs, I was able to finish it by the original deadline (March 20th), but after it got first extended, I decided to polish it a little. I fixed some bugs, tweaked the menus and added more songs and sfx. By April 4th, I was done with the game. I still got some time to work on the game, but I’d rather not… I’m happy with its current state (albeit not really polished) and I don’t want to look at that messy code no more than necessary. (though I did comment most of it… I think)

This was the first time I used my framework to try and make such a “big” (there may be only 20 maps, but still…) game. I was luck to have a lot of time, because I had to write a parser for the maps, a plugin for tiled to export my maps, custom collision code (I use a quad-tree to easily detect which two objects, and which kind of objects, collided) and a event system. It was really fun, but now I gotta add those things into the main lib…

If you want to play the game (and didn’t click on the image above), you can download it here.