BIG Festival 2015 – JJAT

It’s been quite a while since my previous post. Before talking about this last Ludum Dare, there something else I gotta write about… I’ll split this into two post, in order not to make a too long one.

First I’ll talk about my latest “non-game-jam” game.

Don't ask what "JJAT" means... it's quite stupid.

Click to go to its download page

Once again, I took part of Global Game Jam. Since I had a few other things to take care of, I couldn’t spend much time making the game. It turned out quite simple; it’s a game about controlling two character and trying to get them to the top of a kind of tower… You can check it out here (but you really shouldn’t… >__<).

So… although that game sucks, I really liked the idea of having two player (or playing along side someone). I decided to try to turn it into a real game. Since I can’t work on games without deadlines, I decided to make something to this year’s BIG Festival.

I’ve been using Dawnbringer’s 32 colors palette for some time, now. When drawing the first mockup, I wasn’t quite able to get the atmosphere I wanted to the game (when using all 32 colors). So, after noticing that there are 8 shades of blue* in the palette, I decided to try to limit the game’s color to those 8, focusing on the shapes. (*some of those colors aren’t really blue, but they got along nicely)

After 2 months, 200 commits and a few fixes to my framework, I finished the game. As usual, it’s quite hard (because, otherwise, there would be no fun).

The game got quite rushed at the end. Looking back at the commit logs, I was able to finish it by the original deadline (March 20th), but after it got first extended, I decided to polish it a little. I fixed some bugs, tweaked the menus and added more songs and sfx. By April 4th, I was done with the game. I still got some time to work on the game, but I’d rather not… I’m happy with its current state (albeit not really polished) and I don’t want to look at that messy code no more than necessary. (though I did comment most of it… I think)

This was the first time I used my framework to try and make such a “big” (there may be only 20 maps, but still…) game. I was luck to have a lot of time, because I had to write a parser for the maps, a plugin for tiled to export my maps, custom collision code (I use a quad-tree to easily detect which two objects, and which kind of objects, collided) and a event system. It was really fun, but now I gotta add those things into the main lib…

If you want to play the game (and didn’t click on the image above), you can download it here.


Double Release: Loneliness+ & Space Rift

I’ve finally finished modifying my LD#27 entry. It took way longer than I expected, but most of the time I wasn’t working on it… Here it is:

How to be lazy: just use a screen shot from the game!

Click here to play!

I think the original version was really polished for a Ludum Dare game, but there were some things that still required more polishing, so that was my focus for this update. Now the menus are fully animated and much better separated. The graphics, though mostly the same, now uses a single palette (except for the background). With this I was able to control light and shadows better and make the graphics less dull. Some weapons where added and the special was removed. There’s also a boss song, though really short, and a new ship.

Now, about the other game…

For some time now I’ve been meaning to write my own C++ game framework. Well, it’s still far from complete, but I fell it’s not completely broken… In my computer and in another one I tested the game run nicely, but that was about all the testing I’ve done.

Instead of designing the “best” framework I could and only afterward written a game with it, as I’ve already tried some times, this time I wrote it while the port was made. And which game was best for a first port than my first (“released”) game? (Well, perhaps Color Runner would have been a better choice, but that game deserve more than a bad port! I’ll definitely remake it)

Here’s the port of my first game:


Click here to download it!

It’s Windows only, though the Linux port should be working already (I can’t actually test it… but it compiled!). You will need a video card compatible with OpenGL 3.X or greater. Except for that, any computer should be able to run it. My computer has only a single-core 1.6GHz CPU and can run it without problems. Any bugs, crashes, weird stuff, please report! Try to describe it the best you can (what you were doing, how long you had been playing, etc), take a screen shot (if possible) and send me both stderr and stdout logs (found in the game folder), if they were created.

For now, I won’t release the engine. It still isn’t really in a publishable state and I’ll probably make many changes to it. There’s also some problems with exporting a shared library (a .dll) for it. But I’ll release it some day…

The boring side of (bad) OpenGL game development

For some time now I’ve been working on porting my “first” game (there are some prototypes that shouldn’t be considered), Loneliness, from Flash to Windows. The tools I chose were C++, SDL (a combination I had previously used) and OpenGL. The engine is almost in a functional state, which means the game is almost looking the same as it’s web version. Behind the scenes, though, there are many completely different stuff, not only for the hardware accelerated stuff.

Something that is really bothering me is the use of a single texture. I find the use of an texture atlas fun and interesting, but having to centralize a 20×24 sprite in a 32×32 square somewhat annoys me. I actually don’t know if this is necessary, but I remember reading about it fastening renderization. Another thing I may be doing unnecessarily is to keep (almost) every tile in a single texture atlas (I’ve yet to use glDrawElementsInstanced or any other function call that should make batched draw), but that’s something I wanted to do.

The real problem isn’t actually having everything in a single texture, but not being able to procedurally draw stuff. In Flixel, there are some functions to draw on a sprite. This was used in the game over screen, to display a simple window. The way I have made things so far, I can’t actually do it (in a pretty and not hack-y way) without adding the full window sprite (it should be 128×128) to the texture atlas or by implementing tilemap. I could implement it (it actually already has been implemented, but for text), but I’ve been too lazy to do any of those lately. But I’ll do it… eventually…

On a side note, my last LD entry is on hold until I finish this game (and probably another one). It’s a nice li’l game (I liked it quite a lot), but I still haven’t made enough upgrades no call it a decent post-compo version… It’ll will be done when it has to be done, and I hope that time is before December.

Too sleepy right now to proof read this (and if I did, I would probably discard it). So I blame the sleepiness and rush in which this was written for any mistakes.

Intergalactic Fighter – February #1GAM

Okay, I’ve already tried to write this many times. Each time, I gave up because I wrote more than needed. This time, I’ll try to keep it simple (stupid)… though I doubt I’ll manage. xD

So… After releasing Color Runner on february 20th I had to be quick with the next game.Since I had until march 4th, I decided to make something I’m used to… a Shooter. Long story short, this is my february: Integalactic Fighter.

Intergalactic Fighter icon

Click on the image to play

The game was finally announced in my blog. With that taken care of, keep reading for the rant about what I dislike about this game. (I really don’t advice you to do so)

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ColorRunner is out!

Phew! A month ( and twelve days) later, I’m really happy to say that my latest game is out! And what’s more, it’s featured by MochiMedia! After so many tries, at least once I’ve made it the right way… xD

Sometime later this (next) week I intent to write a post about this game’s development… Now I just want to get some rest and rejoice what I was finally able to do. For now, just play it here:


Click on the image to play it!

I was to include some special thanks in the game, but, since I didn’t find it fitting, I will just say this here:

First and foremost, I must thank my parents. Really! They were always supportive to my following my dreams and never pressured me asking for updates… If not for them, I would probably have forfeit this a long time ago…

I also ought to thank my friends, for playing it sometimes and ignoring when I decided to vanish from the outer world (lol) to focus on the game.

But some even more special thanks are due. If a friend of mine hadn’t look after this game since it’s inception, and hadn’t played it’s many versions (most of them barely playable) this game wouldn’t be ever even close to completition… Really, thanks Raarlac (though I doubt you read this blog… xD).

Loneliness – My First Experimental Game

Before I start talking about that game, just a note: I’m finally adding a page with every game I’ve already made, be it a prototype, a buggy (or incomplete) game or a finished game.

Even though I said that I finished my first game ever only some time ago, that’s not completely true… I’ve already took part of Ludum Dare three times, two of those I made platformers and on time I made a… well, a weird game. Later, I polished it up a bit and called it complete… well, it has all the features I wanted (if this is a good thing or not, I’m not quite sure). The link is at the end of this post.

On my first LD, the theme was “Alone”. I remeber jolting some things on a paper, but one idea picked my attention. I imagined a game which you play as something that is alone and, for that reason, must gather other (I’ll refer those as ‘friends’)… so you won’t fell alone anymore. But there are those bad guys (enemies) that try to take away all those close to you, making you fell alone again. Putting it this way, it seens like a stupid game, but what I really liked about that ideia is: you know how many friends you have by the colors you see the world with!

Since it was done in 48 hours, it didn’t get to complex. The friends are actually red, green or blue balls. The player is a cat (the only thing I could come up with AND draw in the alloted time) that change color and expression as it gets less lonely. The enemies is that same cat sprite, but red and with a angry face. You move with the mouse and start playing in a color-less world. As you gather friends, the ratio of the amount of a certain colored friend that you gathered over the total of those on the screen sets how visible that color is. What this mean is: if you get many blue balls, you will see all blue colors, but no red and green; if you get many green and red, you will be able to see green, red and yellow colors; etc.

I felt that the game would be… I don’t know, I decided that when your ‘mood’ (how much “not alone” you are) was maxed you would be able to shoot at the enemies. But since you use the mouse to move and to aim, it can get kinda weird (if you didn’t play thousands of times… like I played during the development… that’s why I didn’t notice it was weird xD).

The first version didn’t work at all as I expected. The color-changing scheme made the screen too dark, things were only spawning on the upper-left corner, your mood wouldn’t decrease unless you were hit… there were those kind of bug. After the compo, though, I spent some time polishing it up and now it really is the way I wanted it to be.

Click here to play, at Kongregate.