Player movement and a basic tilemap

A small update on “Color Runner 2”.


It’s still quite boring… but I’ll probably follow this style

I finished the basic controls for the player. There’s nothing fancy yet, but I’ll add at least wall jump later! So far, it accelerates not too fast or too slow, walk and run at reasonable speeds (perhaps the running speed is weird… I’ll see that again later) and jumping… sucks! I’ve yet to implement a variable height jump, and I don’t like the current raising/falling speeds. I’ll fix that later, though; there are other priorities now.

I’ve also done some work on the map. I’m using two tilemaps so far, one for the background and another for the floor. I’m not really happy with the results, so I’ll add another one for the foreground and the scenery (like grass, tree and other details). Another thing I still have to do is add the “colored platforms”. There’s no meaning to this game without those… But I think will have to make another editor to be able to create levels the way I want…

I won’t have a playable demo anytime soon, and if I try to make this the way I really want, I don’t think I’ll be finished by the end of year. Still, there’s no need to rush things. I’ll keep going slowly but trying to make it into a really good game.


The world is starting to take shape (in my mind)

Since this is the beginning  of the project, I think it’s progressing really… slowly. It usually start fast and only slowdown afterward. Still, I don’t really think this is a problem, since I want to take my time and make this into a great game. (Having a demo ready until the end of the year would be a great plus, though)

I tried to draw some drafts for the map but I’ve yet to make something complete or to my liking. This is my first time drawing a map so it will probably go through a few iterations before I get to anything I’m happy with, anyway… At least, thinking about the map helped me understand better the “reason for the colors”.

Originally, I didn’t explain why the colors vanished, there simply were nine stages to be completed by grabbing coins and enabling platforms (bringing back colors in the process). Later, I added an intro that shows “someone destroying something and removing the colors from the world”. That’s how clear I think the animation is to someone who doesn’t know the game’s “story” (that is, everyone besides me). I’ve been thinking about how to make it clearer that someone stole a source of colors of some kind from a color factory and also what is the meaning behind the colored coins. With those questions in mind, I decided that the first two zones will be a “Color Fuel Zone” and a “Color Factory”. (this seems somewhat stupid when written…) But, again, why are coins the fuel used by that factory?

I set for coins as the only collectible because it’s really common in games, I didn’t care that much about it at first. But now I’ve got another idea. I can change those into “color essence”. This way, I there won’t be restrictions about their sprites (every coin must be an 8×8 sprite, but the essences needn’t be exactly equal to each other; each type can have an different format). Also, since they are “essences”, I can say that “red essence” is extracted from, for example, a red colored lake. This may not seem really useful, but it’s helping me imagine how the world should be.

I’ll try to have something about the game itself to write about, next time (instead of just ideas, again).

The beginning of a new project: Color Runner 2

I’ve already made a few updates to the original Color Runner: particles were added, the main player’s sprite was modified, fixed (or not) a few bugs, made a intro… but I still haven’t added new stages. I’ve meant to do that for a while, but I couldn’t find the motivation to do so since I find the game somewhat boring. I find both the controls and the objectives lacking. I find the idea of getting coins to retrieve colors nice, but only that can’t make a good game (well, if you are a great level designer, who knows… but I definitely can’t). Instead of modifying the original game, I’ve been thinking about making a new game with that idea and I want to write about the development process here (instead of only saying “Hey, it’s done!”, like I always do).

Recently I started to think that it’s better writing here about my ideas than on a paper (as I usually do). That’s because I’m rarely organized and just scribble my ideas, while writing here require me to think things over and make them understandable to others. I’m usually really lazy, so I don’t end up posting that much… but I want to change that! It’s nice to be able to look back at the development of a game.

Well, about the game. I’m currently calling it “Color Runner 2”, but that just a way to addressing it. The game’s title will hardly be anything similar to that. The story will probably be the same: someone stole something from the color factory and the world became black and white. Now you must change it back to it’s original state. I’ll try to express this better and add lines… or at least some way to understand what is actually happening. Another thing I’ll do this time is to focus more on the protagonist. I usually leave it as “it’s the main player… that’s all there is to it”, but I’ll have to give him a reason to go and a name. I’m thinking about calling him C.r. That could be “Color runner”… but it actually has to do with the periodic table and the Greek word for color. It’s pretty straight forward, really…

Something that I’ve focused on until now is making a “Flash-like game”, i.e. game that could do well on flash portals. Of course, I’ve failed at that when I tried to only make disconnected levels, but with a (theoretical) difficult curve, and “infinite games”. I’ve overlooked how hard it is to make those stuff right. So, this time I’ll go completely against it! Since I really like the 16-bit generation – I played the Sega Genesis a lot (and some SNES… but mostly after my childhood) -, I want to make a “game that could be played in that era”. I’m not talking about technical constraints, but about how games were. I’m thinking about something like Super Mario World and the Sega Genesis Tiny Toons Adventures, a world with many stages, but each stage progressing to the other and not only random stages thrown there because of their difficulty. I’m also thinking about doing 5 areas. Oh, and definitely a platformer! though I’m still not sure if it’ll be a fast paced game or one requiring precise platforming.

One thing that I’m already sure is that  if I try to tackle this in one go I’ll fail. I’ll surely fail! Making (at least) one animation per area, plus interesting enemies, stages, areas, songs… it would be too much… in one go. I was already thinking about making a demo in Flash and then make the full game in C++, but maybe I’ll make each area as a separated game in Flash and then make a full version in C++ with more stages and stuff… I’m still not sure…

Well, the next thing I should be posting here will be a draft of the overworld. Since I want you to traverse through the world, it doesn’t make sense trying to make anything before I have any ideas about the world. I’d planned doing it today, but stuff happened (I procrastinated a lot xD), it’s already 2 A.M. and I’ve got classes tomorrow (er… today…) morning.

Small update and “trailer”

No big update or new game in this post. I’ve actually haven’t worked in a new game for a while now. Needless to say, I’ve failed to make One Game A Month, since I’ve done nothing for the past two. xD But this will change next month, as there’s a Ludum Dare approaching…

Well, what I really had to say is the following: I sent two of my games (Color Runner and Laser dude vs His enemies) to the “Festival de Jogos Independentes do SBGames 2013” (something like “SBGames 2013 Indie Games Festival”). But, in order to summit the games, I had to make thirty seconds trailers for both of them. So, here they are:

As it can be seen in the Color Runner trailer, now there’s a back story (and introduction animation) and the player has proper graphics. This doesn’t solve this game’s main problem lack of stages. (I could also add to that list boss battle and power ups) Someday I’ll fix that… hopefully. xD

Roguelike thing

It’s been a while since I finished the shooter… I’ve modified it a little (I’m adding four difficulties), but since it’s completion I’ve been thinking on what to do next. Well, some time ago (last vacation, actually) I started developing a random dungeon generator. It’s still just a really simple “random line generator” with size (rooms) limit and the number of lines that should be traced. I decided that I should finally use it and make a roguelike game using it…

There isn’t much in it just yet, but all the basic features are there: you can battle enemies, level up, they can pursuit/run from you, there is a random (even if simple and stupid) dungeon, etc. But there’s only one enemy, simple graphics, no GUI (every message is sent to the debug terminal), no boss, no equips… It’s really just an idea, for now.

Just click to move through the dungeon and touch enemies to hit them.

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Shooter – Stage 03

Finally finished the game! I mean, the stages of the game… There are still some things that must be done. Like the background, the player, the boss battle songs… Well, I can (probably) make it in time!

This time,  I added the third (and last) stage as well as it’s Boss. Perhaps I upped the difficulty too much…  But I’m sure it can be finished.

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