Shooter – Stage 02

New stage finished! And I also made some improvements to the boss battle.

Second boss's second spell

There’s a time limit to defeat each of the boss patterns (I’ll call those “spells” from now on, since that’s how it’s called in a game I really like). If you fail to do so, you will advance to the next spell but won’t earn any score. Since I hadn’t implemented anything to show that, the time limit existence wasn’t even clear. But now I added a timer so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

In this new stage I introduced a new kind of enemy: slimes! No game is complete without those weak foes to be defeated… Though it only appears late in the game (well, it would normally be the first enemy… xD) and have some complex pattern (for slimes)… I won’t try to make any logic from my game… xD

Everything else is still the same: move and shoot with the mouse, kill baddies, avoid being hit by anything and score the highest you can. You have unlimited lives, but the screen flashs red when you’re hit and you lose some points.

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Shooter – Update

I figured a good way to spend some time without coding would be to actually try to draw something… and I was getting bored of seeing only plain/boring stuff.

After a lot of struggle I was able to draw something… Though the dimensions weren’t right… I would have to either keep the enemy small (something that I didn’t quite want) or to enlarge the game screen. So, on to resize the game!

Then, I noticed that enemies died but you didn’t realy have response… It would just “pop”. That seemed like work for particles! After some time, I was able to make things explode (not quite pretty yet, but, hey!, it’s a start).

The game got so much better with only those two “small” steps.

The only thing left was to add a boss. Even though it isn’t really dificult to code (since I have all those classes and stuff), I lacked some creativity to do that… I’m still not quite sure if I liked all the patterns, but they aren’t to hard nor to easy… I hope. xD

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Vacation Project 002 – Shooter

So, since the last post I’ve stopped working on the “breakout” and restart developing a shooter.

I had once tried to make a shooter… twice, actually. One time I coded in C with SDL and then I switched to Action Script 3 and used Flixel. From the moment when I learned about Flixel I’ve been almost only making Flash stuff… though just a few things were ever completed.

As most of my recent in development stuff, this shooter still doesn’t have much actual graphics… only Some rectangles and squares. I find it much easier to just think about the game and afterwards deal with drawing everything. That’s an faster way to prototype something, when working alone, specially if you aren’t a skilled (or creative, for the matter) drawer.

Even so, I’ve alredy make two phrases for the first stage’s song. Though, nowadays, I don’t sketch a lot, every time I take a break from coding I’ve been playing either the guitar or the keyboard.

I’ve uploaded the first stage… or almost all of it. I’ve still got to make a boss (and perhaps a mid-boss) and I also want to add one more wave of enemies. I also didn’t programmed any player, so anything that would be targeted at the player will aim at the mouse. You can’t really die, but the screen will flash red if you’re hit. Also, you can press the left mouse button to shoot at enemies. The score will be displayed after the last wave.

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Vacation Project 001 – “Breakout”

I still didn’t made this into a game, but I really wanted to publish it somewhere (and I’ve learned that you should only publish fully complete games on Flash Game Portals). So far, it’s only an idea… more like a prototype…

Last vacation, I tried to code a simple “Breakout” copy. But, for some reason, I stopped working on it at the time. I had the base done: the gameplay somewhat worked and there was a stage creator prototype done. Now, after working on it for a few days, I have made some upgrades to what I had, and it seems much better (gameplay-wise… Graphically, it’s still very simple).

This is what I have so far…

Some instructions about the stage creator:

  • “Single” mode allows you to paint each tile (or lots of tiles, if you click-and-hold then move the mouse across the grid);
  • “Line” mode allows you to paint a line selecting the first and last tile of the line… There are some annoying bugs in this mode;
  • “Fill” mode allows you to fill a region, with a differently colored bound, with a certain color.

About the game in itself:

  • To release the ball from the paddle just click with the mouse;
  • The paddle follows the mouse;
  • The paddle’s velocity is added to the ball velocity (this can be trick to control… or not… I don’t, after so much debugging it simply works for me… xD).
  • I don’t normally make such large games…I didn’t think it would break the blog’s layout… Perhaps, this can be solved with another theme, but…

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