Roguelike thing

It’s been a while since I finished the shooter… I’ve modified it a little (I’m adding four difficulties), but since it’s completion I’ve been thinking on what to do next. Well, some time ago (last vacation, actually) I started developing a random dungeon generator. It’s still just a really simple “random line generator” with size (rooms) limit and the number of lines that should be traced. I decided that I should finally use it and make a roguelike game using it…

There isn’t much in it just yet, but all the basic features are there: you can battle enemies, level up, they can pursuit/run from you, there is a random (even if simple and stupid) dungeon, etc. But there’s only one enemy, simple graphics, no GUI (every message is sent to the debug terminal), no boss, no equips… It’s really just an idea, for now.

Just click to move through the dungeon and touch enemies to hit them.

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