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(Pseudo) Finished games

Click to play JJAT

JJAT – BIG Festival 2015

JJAT is a precision platformer with a few inspiration from metroidvania games (except it turned out really short…). You play as two characters exploring a facility, looking for a way to defeat a monster.

Click to play Bug Squasher

Bug Squasher

Bugs have invaded your game

Squash them all with your pet dragon!

Click to play Enter the Dungeon; Grab the Treasure and Beware the Dangers

Enter the Dungeon; Grab the Treasure and Beware the Dangers – BIG Festival 2014

Enter the dungeon, grab the treasures and beware the dangers.

Click to play Space Rift

Space Rift – LD#28 – post compo

Enhanced version of my LD#28 entry.

There’s a new ship, a palette was selected for the sprites and colors should be a little more friendly to color-blind people.

Also, the menus were remade to be usable with keyboard only (and are a lot prettier)

Click to play Loneliness+

Loneliness+ – LD#22 – post compo

Windows port of my LD#22 entry (the enhanced version) using an old lib.

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Ludum Dare

Click to play Burning Light

Burning Light – LD#36

On a distant land, an explorer found a set of mystical lenses. Any ray of light that passes through it gets perfectly focused into a single direction, sometimes seemingly defying physics. Also, any ray that passes through it becomes able to light flammable materials.

On that same land, the explorer found some small shrines that resembles torches and perhaps could be lit…

Click to play A Simple Tale

A Simple Tale – LD#35

This game is about a simple tale.

You’ve probably already heard something similar to it…

Click to play MK-F417XX3

MK-F417XX3 – LD#34

Alien menace has been growing, quite literally. Now they are planning to use gigantic aliens on their attacks.

It’ up to Earth’s two best mecha pilots to face it. Call a friend, synchronize your movements and move toward victory!

Also, be sure the listen to what the commander has to say, in case things go wrong.

Click to play Hero's Quest

Hero’s Quest – LD#33

As the Hero of a village, you must follow the orders when you are told that there are menacing creatures on the forest…

Click to play Kitten

Kitten – LD#32

Legends tell about 7 stones of power. If one were to obtain all 7, a great power would be granted unto that being.

Click to play Cold Remembrance

Cold Remembrance – LD#31

Join a snowman in his journey to find someone important in this small experience.

Click to play The Nether

The Nether – LD#30

There are three close worlds that are connected by an area void of life. That came to be called as “Neutral area”, with the others being “Dark World”, inhabited by Dark’ans; “Light World”, inhabited by Light’ans; and “The Nether”, were creatures lives.

Those that lives on The Nether don’t usually cause harm by themselves. But when commanded, they can make into a fearsome force.

Lately, both worlds have been attacked, through the neutral area, by nether creatures. Since there has always been animosity between them and they are oblivious to the fact that both are being attacked, each is blaming the other one…

Click to play Persona

Persona – LD#29

Day after day, everyone put on some kind of mask to interact with others. That’s how we […] to live in society.What if you weren’t able to do something as simple as that? You would be left only with you most true self. You’d be forced to show that face of yours in front of others.

But what if you could put a persona on and go on a usual?

Click to play Two Options...

Two Options… – LD#28

While exploring a temple, you heard a call for help.

Do you have what it take to save them?

Can you really reach the best end?

Click to play Space Rift

Space Rift – LD#27

Be careful!

Something happened and rifts are opening in space.

What’s worse, aliens are coming from inside those breaches and are wrecking havoc!

Go forth and defeat ’em!

Click to play NoBility

NoBility – LD#26

NoBility (as is No aBility… don’t ask… time was short) is a game about solving puzzles with only the necessary skills. That is, if the puzzle requires jumping, you’ll only be able to jump! (but moving is always enabled)

Things should get complicated when you must decide which ability will be more usefull to make the next step.

Click to play Save the Princess(?)

Save the Princess(?) – LD#25

The evil king kidnapped the princess!

You, as a great knight, must save her!

Or must you?

Do you know what drove the evil king to kidnapp her?

Perhaps this story isn’t as simple as it seems…

Click to play EVO-X

EVO-X – LD#24

A flash adventure about a strange creature that can actively modify itself, given enough sample (that’s, kill enough enemies and you get abilities =D).

Click to play Hummy's Hunger

Hummy’s Hunger – LD#23

Hummy is hungry!

You don’t want that lil cute thing to feel hungry!

But, at times, it can be to small to even eat yummies…

Thus, you must help him get bigger to eat what it wants. =D

Click to play Loneliness

Loneliness – LD#22

Guide your little (kitty?) friend through a lonely place. Help him gather other and became less lonely. Also, see the world gain more colors as you gather… those… colorfull balls. xD

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Jam games

Click to play The Cow Strikes Back

The Cow Strikes Back – The Meeting Jam 2016 / #LOWREZJAM (2016)

Aliens appeared at a farm and are abducting cows. But you won’t stand quiet!

As a cow with special powers, eat grass to fill up your energy and then strike the aliens with a powerful laser!

Originally made for The Meeting Jam 2016 and enhanced for#LOWREZJAM.

Click to play Witch's Spell

Witch’s Spell – GGJ#16

Help a witch to make her potion to a perfect beauty.

Click to play Dino Panic

Dino Panic – CampJam 2015

An evil scientist created a cyber t-rex to try and conquer the past, so he could dominate the present. His creation didn’t share his vision, so it decides to rebel against the “doc”.

Click to play GFM's GGJ15 entry

GFM’s GGJ15 entry – GGJ#15

Climb to the top of the well, in this simple platformer. Use either the keyboard, one or two controller and figure out what to do. You get bonus points if you play with someone else in a single controller.

Click to play Once Upon a Castle

Once Upon a Castle – CampJam 2014

Villagers are coming to the castle to save the princess and you must help them, by adding stairs, weapons shops (with cute animal hats… XD) and others stuff

Made with @pinkmonkeyhead

Click to play True Sight

True Sight – GGJ#14

A game about how subjective things are. You live in a capitalist society. When taking a stroll, you find a pair of shades on the floor and decide to take it for yourself. However, it makes you see things as they are supposed to be, instead of how it’s usually displayed…

After finding the shades, don’t stop nor look into the advertising, otherwise you’ll go insane. See for how long you can last.

Click to play Dragon Rush

Dragon Rush – One Game A Month (March 2013)

Ride a dragon and slash enemies! But be careful not to run out of stamina!

Also, beware bad RNG!

Click to play Intergalactic Fighter

Intergalactic Fighter – One Game A Month (February 2013)

Travel space defeating wave after wave of aliens. Enhance your ship with new parts, but keep an eye in the ship’s maximum load.

Will you be ready to defeat their super robot?

Click to play Color Runner

Color Runner – One Game A Month (January 2013)

Run! Run as fast as you can!

But don’t forget to get the coins and bring the colors back to this world.

As it gets more colorful, more ways shall appear.

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