Intergalactic Fighter – February #1GAM

Okay, I’ve already tried to write this many times. Each time, I gave up because I wrote more than needed. This time, I’ll try to keep it simple (stupid)… though I doubt I’ll manage. xD

So… After releasing Color Runner on february 20th I had to be quick with the next game.Since I had until march 4th, I decided to make something I’m used to… a Shooter. Long story short, this is my february: Integalactic Fighter.

Intergalactic Fighter icon

Click on the image to play

The game was finally announced in my blog. With that taken care of, keep reading for the rant about what I dislike about this game. (I really don’t advice you to do so)

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ColorRunner is out!

Phew! A month ( and twelve days) later, I’m really happy to say that my latest game is out! And what’s more, it’s featured by MochiMedia! After so many tries, at least once I’ve made it the right way… xD

Sometime later this (next) week I intent to write a post about this game’s development… Now I just want to get some rest and rejoice what I was finally able to do. For now, just play it here:


Click on the image to play it!

I was to include some special thanks in the game, but, since I didn’t find it fitting, I will just say this here:

First and foremost, I must thank my parents. Really! They were always supportive to my following my dreams and never pressured me asking for updates… If not for them, I would probably have forfeit this a long time ago…

I also ought to thank my friends, for playing it sometimes and ignoring when I decided to vanish from the outer world (lol) to focus on the game.

But some even more special thanks are due. If a friend of mine hadn’t look after this game since it’s inception, and hadn’t played it’s many versions (most of them barely playable) this game wouldn’t be ever even close to completition… Really, thanks Raarlac (though I doubt you read this blog… xD).

Animator – A tool for seeing animations

Animator UI

Animator UI. Obviously, you can’t see the animation in this static image. xD

After drawing few sprites for the roguelike game, I’m back drawing stuff to the shooter. This is what the new slime will look like:

green slime animated

This time, instead of drawing everything on the computer only (as I did with many older sprites), now I tried drawing by hand before and then passing it to pixels. It work out much better than my previous method, though I had one problem: animations. I wanted to be able to see an animation withouth creating a .gif or creating a state on flixel only for displaying it. Thinking back, it’s kinda stupid the solution I found… but, hey, I really liked the result so I don’t see any problems. xD

My solution was to create a flash application that would run a flixel instance,  but still allowing you to add charset on run-time. After searching a little I found out that it could be done, and it was also simple! First I hastly made a prototype running on flixel, but now I’ve turned it into a application that uses flixel to display the animation.

Since I’m no good with UI, I used the MinimalComps for every component used. I even instantiate flixel on run-time over a MinimalComps Window. This was usefull for allowing the user to modify the dimensions the zoom of the Window. Also, I liked how it ended looking. It’s much better looking than anything I’ve done so far.

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Roguelike thing

It’s been a while since I finished the shooter… I’ve modified it a little (I’m adding four difficulties), but since it’s completion I’ve been thinking on what to do next. Well, some time ago (last vacation, actually) I started developing a random dungeon generator. It’s still just a really simple “random line generator” with size (rooms) limit and the number of lines that should be traced. I decided that I should finally use it and make a roguelike game using it…

There isn’t much in it just yet, but all the basic features are there: you can battle enemies, level up, they can pursuit/run from you, there is a random (even if simple and stupid) dungeon, etc. But there’s only one enemy, simple graphics, no GUI (every message is sent to the debug terminal), no boss, no equips… It’s really just an idea, for now.

Just click to move through the dungeon and touch enemies to hit them.

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New “prototype”: EVO – X

Game's title screen

There’s an online event about making game in 48h, called Ludum Dare. Well, the latest one took place last weekend and, once again, I participated. That means, there should be a new game to post here. =D Turns out it’s not quite like that…

You see, though I made something, it’s far from complete… Comments on the event site pointed out many flaws of my game, so I may be able to turn it into something good… I hope. xD Think about this as only a “prototype”.

During the next weeks, I’ll do two things:

  • Turn this into something really playable (though I won’t add much content);
  • Finish the goddamn shooter. Really, I should had done this before this LD…

That’s it for now!

Play it here!