Double Release: Loneliness+ & Space Rift

I’ve finally finished modifying my LD#27 entry. It took way longer than I expected, but most of the time I wasn’t working on it… Here it is:

How to be lazy: just use a screen shot from the game!

Click here to play!

I think the original version was really polished for a Ludum Dare game, but there were some things that still required more polishing, so that was my focus for this update. Now the menus are fully animated and much better separated. The graphics, though mostly the same, now uses a single palette (except for the background). With this I was able to control light and shadows better and make the graphics less dull. Some weapons where added and the special was removed. There’s also a boss song, though really short, and a new ship.

Now, about the other game…

For some time now I’ve been meaning to write my own C++ game framework. Well, it’s still far from complete, but I fell it’s not completely broken… In my computer and in another one I tested the game run nicely, but that was about all the testing I’ve done.

Instead of designing the “best” framework I could and only afterward written a game with it, as I’ve already tried some times, this time I wrote it while the port was made. And which game was best for a first port than my first (“released”) game? (Well, perhaps Color Runner would have been a better choice, but that game deserve more than a bad port! I’ll definitely remake it)

Here’s the port of my first game:


Click here to download it!

It’s Windows only, though the Linux port should be working already (I can’t actually test it… but it compiled!). You will need a video card compatible with OpenGL 3.X or greater. Except for that, any computer should be able to run it. My computer has only a single-core 1.6GHz CPU and can run it without problems. Any bugs, crashes, weird stuff, please report! Try to describe it the best you can (what you were doing, how long you had been playing, etc), take a screen shot (if possible) and send me both stderr and stdout logs (found in the game folder), if they were created.

For now, I won’t release the engine. It still isn’t really in a publishable state and I’ll probably make many changes to it. There’s also some problems with exporting a shared library (a .dll) for it. But I’ll release it some day…


LD #27 timelapse and LD #26 on games page

Two small updates. I’ve finally added my LD #26 game to my “Games” page. Since I’m somewhat lazy when it comes to this game, I’ve simply resized the icon using xBRZ to post here. Click on the image to play.

Lazy resized version of the icon (made with xBRZ)

On another note, I’m still making some final adjustments on my LD #27 game. The post compo version should be finish by Monday’s night (when the results will be up). I’m planning to post it here by then (or a little later, since I’m thinking about including the MochiMedia API in it). For now, here is the timelapse for this game.

Before Ludum Dare #27…

Since it’s been a while since I last posted here, I’ll write something while waiting for the next Ludum Dare. It should be starting in 1 hour or so…¬†and I still haven’t even written about my last LD game! Time to get at least that out of the way. Here’s the timelapse for that game:

Last time, the theme was “Minimalism”. I really wasn’t expecting that, so I didn’t know what to do. I can’t remember my other ideas, but the one I used was about a test-subject/experiment that could gain new abilities, like running, jumping and pushing stuff (I think it’s only those… not quite sure). But you could only keep one of those at a time! Yep, that’s how I used the theme… =X

The game (called “NoBility”, as in “No aBility”… =X) was to be a puzzle and you would have to choose which ability was the best and how you would move from one to the other (you switch abilities by passing though a pod), until reaching the exit. Well, I found out that I’m terrible at creating puzzles. I was only able to make 6 stages or so, and most of them (if not all) are tutorial. At least, the graphics are much better than any one of my previous entries.

That’s it for now! I’ll post it on my games page as soon as I draw a icon for it (I’ve meant to do that for a while now, but laziness got the best of me…)

Now, on to wait more than half an hour before the compo starts…